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GUD Vault

Issue 0 :: Spring 2007

Issue 0 leads with Debbie Moorhouse’s Sundown, a near-future science fiction reflection on death and life. It follows through with a solid variety of works from semi-gritty fantasy; far-future time travel; modern sci-fi humor; historical paranormal; mainstream literary; a fable; poetry that doesn’t rhyme but has a rhythm (involving coffee, mayhem, love, death, and television); reports concerning poetry and software and narrating a journey to a poetry conference in Taiwan; and art of all sorts, from humorous and surreal line drawings through haunting brush work and even a single-panel comic from a celebrated illustrator.

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Table of contents ~ stories / poetry / reports / art / comics


by Debbie Moorhouse

by John Walters

A Yellow Sun with a Purple Crayon
by Michelle Garren Flye

Songs Of The Dead
by Sarah Singleton and Chris Butler

One in Ten Thousand
by Athena Workman

Moments Of Brilliance
by Jason Stoddard

Cutting A Figure
by Charlie Anders

Where Water Fails
by Rusty Barnes

Longs to Run
by David Bulley

Sown Seeds
by Errid Farland

by John Mantooth


Trying to Make Coffee
by William Doreski

Fade In Fade Out
by Beverly A. Jackson

As a Child
by Kristine Ong Muslim

No Motor Home
by Kenneth Ryan

Past Due: Final Notice
by Kenneth Ryan

by Kenneth Ryan

Dialogue with the Hollows of Your Body
by Benjamin William Buchholz


Poetry Code
by Robert Peake


by Konrad Kruszewski

Kmantis Hunch5
by Konrad Kruszewski

Cosmonaut's Last Day
by Jamie Dee Galey

Bird and Ghost
by Sarah Coyne

Media Hype
by Jamie Dee Galey

The Kiss
by Konrad Kruszewski

Having Fun at the Party
by Fran Giordano

Jack Rabbit
by Jamie Dee Galey


Belly Busters
by Bruce Boston and Larry Dickison

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