Issue 0 :: Spring 2007

Born September 11th, 1981, failed astronaut and race car driver Konrad Kruszewski is a mostly self-taught multi-instrumentalist, dabbling if not specializing in illustration, storytelling, photography, music, and all aspects of CG and traditional animation. He has earned a diploma in Advanced Studies in Character Animation at AnimationMentor, where he was directly guided by the finest animators at Pixar, ILM, and Disney, among others. Konrad is currently keeping busy with animation and graphic design in Northern California with no kids, no dogs, and no immediate aspirations to obtain either.

Gutmouth (art)

Kmantis Hunch5 (art)

The Kiss (art)

Debbie Moorhouse is a British writer who also takes photographs. She reads slush for Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine and is always writing a novel. Her website is at, where you can read stuff, look at photos, and generally hang out.

Sundown (stories)

Jamie Dee Galey is not that tall but has a nice smile. You can reach him and check out his work at

Cosmonaut's Last Day (art)

Media Hype (art)

Jack Rabbit (art)

John Walters is an American writer, a Clarion graduate, currently living in Greece with his Greek wife and five sons. To pay the bills he teaches English as a second language. He has had stories published in Talebones, Altair, Full Unit Hookup, and other magazines.

Painsharing (stories)

Michelle Garren Flye lives on the coast of North Carolina. She walks on the beach whenever she can. She loves cats, kids and her husband. For more information, visit….

A Yellow Sun with a Purple Crayon (stories)

Neil Davies was born in 1979 in the middle of England. He works in a university somewhere, and this is his first piece of published fiction.

A Problem With The Law (stories)

William Doreski, Professor of English, Keene State College (New Hampshire), teaches creative writing, literary theory, and modern poetry. Born in Connecticut, he lived in Boston, Cambridge, and Arlington (MA) for many years, attended various colleges, and after a certain amount of angst received a PhD from Boston University. After teaching at Goddard, Harvard, and Emerson colleges, he came to Keene State in 1982. He has published several collections of poetry, most recently "Sacra Via" (Tatlock Publications, 2005) and "Another Ice Age" (Cedar Hill, 2006), and three critical studies, "The Years of Our Friendship: Robert Lowell and Allen Tate" (University Press of Mississippi, 1990), "The Modern Voice in American Poetry" (University Press of Florida, 1995), and "Robert Lowell’s Shifting Colors" (Ohio University Press, 1999), and a textbook entitled "How to Read and Interpret Poetry" (Prentice-Hall). His critical essays, poetry, and reviews have appeared in many academic and literary journals, including The Massachusetts Review, Notre Dame Review, The Alembic, The New England Quarterly, Harvard Review, Modern Philology, The Antioch Review, and Natural Bridge.

Trying to Make Coffee (poetry)

Beverly A. Jackson is a poet and fiction writer residing in North Carolina. Her work has appeared in print and online in many journals. She was Editor in Chief and Publisher of Ink Pot, and of Lit Pot Press until 2005. Visit her blog at

Fade In Fade Out (poetry)

Russian artist Fefa is 23 years old and has been engaged in art all her life. Imagination and animals have always been important to her personally as well as creatively. Images surround her and overflow from within. For her, the technique or material she works with doesn't really matter—the main thing is to create.

Changing Destiny (art)

Sarah Singleton is the author of award-winning gothic fantasy "Century" (2005) and "Heretic" (2006), both published by Simon & Schuster. Her first novel, "The Crow Maiden" (Wildside Press), was shortlisted for the Crawford Award. Sarah’s website is at

Chris Butler is the author of the novel "Any Time Now" (Wildside Press, 2001). His short fiction has been published by magazines such as Interzone and Albedo One. Chris’s website is at

Songs Of The Dead (stories)

Sarah Coyne moved to Boston in 1999 from a lush forested town in southern New Hampshire. Since migrating south she has earned a BFA in illustration, almost adjusted to city life, and sold her work as 2-D fine art as well as illustrations applied to everyday items such as pillows, T-shirts, stationery, and bags. Sarah’s artistic pursuits and obvious small-town heart of gold have found her many good friends, both human and animal. While missing the greenery of her childhood, Sarah has been making her adopted home a little cuter with her bright, lively illustrations and paintings of animals and other light fare while also honing her acerbic wit and dark sense of humor with a few more sinister subjects. Favorite media include oils, watercolors and acrylics on unfinished wood, decorative calico prints and large-scale canvases. Her work can be viewed at and can be found at a number of stores and galleries in New England and beyond. Sarah can be contacted through her website.

Bird and Ghost (art)

Athena Workman is a married mother of two terrific girls living in Tennessee. Her stories have appeared in over twenty-two publications, including Corpse Blossoms, Apex Digest, Nocturnal Ooze, The Dark Krypt, Neverary, and AlienSkin. She’s also been nominated for the Pushcart Prize and the Southeastern Science Fiction Achievement Award. Recently, she began dabbling in photography and plunged back into her childhood love of drawing. She runs the site Miss Millificent’s World (, a showcase of her various forms of artwork, and the online shop Kaleidoscope Farm.

One in Ten Thousand (stories)

Originally from NYC, Allen McGill lives, writes, acts and directs theatre in Mexico. His published fiction, non-fiction, poetry, plays, photos, etc., have won awards and appeared in The New York Times, The Writer, Newsday, Literary Potpourri, Poetry Midwest, QLRS, The Heron’s Nest, Frogpond, Modern Haiku, World Haiku Review, and many others. He is a former member of PEN. He was an invited guest at the First World Poetry Festival in Taiwan 2005 and haibun editor for Simply Haiku and two of his plays have been professionally produced in Sacramento and L.A. His first book of poetry, "SUNSEEKERS", a selection of haiku and haibun by Allen McGill, is to be published this Fall by Golden Swamp Warbler Press. His website can be reached via….

Invitation To Kaohsiung (reports)

A.B. Goelman has published short stories in On Spec, the L. Ron Hubbard Writers of the Future anthology, and Dragon, Knights, and Angels. His next short story will be appearing in the Spring issue of Fantasy Magazine. He lives in the Pacific Northwest with his wife and the rain.

4 Short Parables Revolving Around the Theme of Travel (stories)

Shweta Narayan writes research papers and fantasy, and attempts to keep the two distinct. She lives physically in southern California and virtually at, where she houses images that don’t have a story yet. "The Doctrine of the Arbitrariness of the Sign" is her first non-academic publication.

The Doctrine of the Arbitrariness of the Sign (stories)

Lavie Tidhar grew up on a kibbutz in Israel, lived in Israel and South Africa, travelled widely in Africa and Asia, and has lived in London for a number of years. He is the winner of the 2003 Clarke-Bradbury Prize (awarded by the European Space Agency), was the editor of "Michael Marshall Smith: The Annotated Bibliography" (PS Publishing, 2004) and the anthology "A Dick & Jane Primer for Adults" (The British Fantasy Society, 2006), and is the author of the novella "An Occupation of Angels" (Pendragon Press, 2005). His stories appear in SciFiction, ChiZine, Postscripts, Nemonymous, Infinity Plus, Æon, Book of Dark Wisdom, Fortean Bureau, and many others, and in translation in seven languages.

The Infinite Monkeys Protocol (stories)

By day, Jason Stoddard is just another frustrated engineer-turned-ad-guy who is busy twisting the minds of millions of consumers for his evil corporate masters. At night, he writes science fiction that has been seen in SciFiction, Interzone, Strange Horizons, Talebones, and Futurismic, among others. Unfortunately, none of the agents or editors have yet believed his line that if he had a book deal, there would be less advertising in this world.

Moments Of Brilliance (stories)

Kristine Ong Muslim has more than three hundred stories and poems published/forthcoming in genre and mainstream publications, which include Adbusters, Aoife’s Kiss, Dark Recesses, Dark Wisdom, Electric Velocipede, Grendelsong, Star*Line, Surreal Magazine, and The Pedestal Magazine. Her publication credits are listed at….

As a Child (poetry)

Bruce Boston holds the distinctions of having appeared in more issues of Asimov’s SF than any other author, and of having coined the word “cybertext.”

Larry Dickison’s art and cartoons have appeared in hundreds of publications, including Dark Fantasy, The Gate, Argonaut, and Thin Ice. He lives in Toronto, Ontario.

Belly Busters (comics)

Charlie Anders ( is the author of "Choir Boy", which won a Lambda Literary Award and was a finalist for the Edmund White Award. She’s also the co-editor of "She’s Such A Geek: Women Write About Science, Technology And Other Nerdy Stuff". She publishes other magazine ( and organizes the award-winning Writers With Drinks reading series. Her writing has appeared in, Pindeldyboz,, San Francisco Chronicle, Paraspheres: New Wave Fabulist Fiction, Strange Horizons, ZYZZYVA, and Space & Time.

Cutting A Figure (stories)

A native of Boston, Massachusetts, Kenneth Ryan's short fiction and poetry can be found in a number of literary journals, both online and at newsstands. He recently completed his first novel, "Hiders", and is hard at work on his second. He shares a home, a life, and a website with Nadine Darling, a national treasure.

No Motor Home (poetry)

Past Due: Final Notice (poetry)

Fortune (poetry)

Joshua Babcock's story "Compromise" appeared in Kenoma Magazine and his "Tome of the Time-Siege" won second place in Gom Publishing's The Best New Sci-Fi & Fantasy for 2004 contest. His story "Angst and the Armageddon" is upcoming in Forgotten Worlds. Babcock is a graduate of Vassar College and teaches at a school for students with dyslexia. He lives in upstate New York with his wife and six cats. He can be reached at

The Eternal's Last Request (stories)

Rusty Barnes lives in Revere, MA with his family. His stories have appeared in journals like Pindeldyboz, SmokeLong Quarterly, and Red Rock Review.

Where Water Fails (stories)

Benjamin Buchholz is a US Army Officer just recently returned from Iraq. His fiction and poetry have appeared widely in the last year or two at places like GoodFoot, Tarpaulin Sky, Identity Theory, MadHatters’ Review, Ghoti, MiPOesias, Opium, and Planet Magazine.

Dialogue with the Hollows of Your Body (poetry)

David Bulley has published short fiction in Night Train, McSweeneys, Words & Images, Porcupine, Opium, and many other venues. His novel, "Weapon in Heaven", is forthcoming from Cavern Press. He owns and operates Scrawl: The Writer’s Asylum, an online writer’s community.

Longs to Run (stories)

Lida Broadhurst lives in northern California with her husband and a fat orange tabby. She has had her poetry and short stories published extensively in the small press. Forthcoming work will appear in Mythic Delirium, Rogue Worlds, and Bare Bone.

Ah Those Letters in the Attics or Modern Lit (poetry)

Tomi Shaw lives in Kentucky amid the clutter of her work, three daughters, husband’s toys, and a shedding orange mutt. She has a fuzzy home. Her work has appeared in over fifty publications, including Identity Theory, The Barcelona Review, Pindeldyboz and storySouth.

Pepé In Critical Condition (stories)

Fran Giordano is an artist living in Schenectady, NY. She has made, shown, and sold work professionally for at least a dozen years. Her work has been sold to collectors all over the globe and shown in art galleries in the Northeast. She has worked over the years as a college photo instructor and art teacher. She’s dealt with themes such as duality, theology, and happiness and its pursuit. She explores many different media, depending on the conceptual underpinning of the work. In the last few years she has considered the media of painting, photography, and digital imaging.

Having Fun at the Party (art)

Rohith Sundararaman lives in Bombay, India. He gets his inspiration from the cow that never roamed the streets of Bombay. He has been published elsewhere and receives half a death threat every month for the same.

The first day of the last day my face fell off (poetry)

Errid Farland lives in Southern California and writes at a cluttered table where a candle burns to create an aura of serenity. Sometimes she accidentally catches things on fire, which turns the aura into angry yellows and reds and sort of wrecks the whole serenity thing. Her stories have appeared in Underground Voices, storySouth, Pindeldyboz, and other places.

Sown Seeds (stories)

F. John Sharp lives and works in the Cleveland area. His work has appeared in Pindeldyboz, Paumanok Review, The Salt River Review, Lunarosity, Prose Ax, and Quantum Muse, among others. He has edited the journals Story Garden, Right Hand Pointing, and Night Train.

She Dreams in Colors, She Dreams in Hope (stories)

John Mantooth writes short stories that fall between the cracks in the genre sidewalk. His most recent publications appear in the Shadow Regions anthology, Electric Velocipede, and Shimmer.

Chicken (stories)

Janrae Frank is the author of the best-selling ebook series "Dark Brothers of the Light" and co-author with Phil Smith of the "Mother Damnation" series.

The Tale that Launched a Thousand Ships (stories)

Working alongside Kaolin Fire (then Stockinger), Robert Peake used to teach programming languages to other undergraduates at UC Berkeley before earning his degree in English literature, emphasis poetry. These days he serves as the Chief Technology Officer for The David Allen Company, where he reads, writes, and thinks about many things in many languages. Robert is also currently studying poetry in the MFA in Writing program at Pacific University in Oregon. He lives in Ojai, California with his wife Valerie and cat Miranda.

Poetry Code (reports)