News: Issue 7 Is Out in PDF at Last!!!

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Never mind the whys and hows... After seven years, we're finally getting this beautiful collection of writing and art out there on paper! (Well, on screens, anyway. Paper will be coming soon!)
For all this time, I've had the characters and ideas and subtle lines of the pieces in GUD 7 at the back of my head, altering my perspective, adding to what I imagine people/the world/reality can be...and I am so glad to be able to share all that richness at last!
Along the way, we lost a couple of pieces whose authors (understandably) wanted them to be out there sooner; I'm sad that we can't share those as well. But we are immensely grateful to the authors and artists who (beyond all reason) stuck it out and continued encouraging us as we struggled to make Issue 7 happen.
And now, GUD readers, we invite you to join us in this dance through the past, the future, and the who-knows-when........

P.S. To celebrate, we're doing GUD 7 in full color!

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Tuesday, August 16, 2016 / 09:01:09

Siento una
luz cantar
como el sueño
infinito que
dulce regresa
el la triste

Francesco Sinibaldi

The smile of a springtime.

In the sound
of a singing,
near the charmed
clamour of a
waterfall, there's
a delicate smile
that calls the
atmosphere of
a luminous

Francesco Sinibaldi

L'eau des mystères.

Comme un
souffle de lumière
qui décrit la
chanson j'écoute,
dans la mer, la
fraîche harmonie
et une rime

Francesco Sinibaldi
Thursday, October 13, 2016 / 09:18:36
El sueño y las sonrisas naturales.

Así dulce
y preocupado,
así candido
y puro como
un ave cansado
que llama la
noche y una
rima infinita.

Francesco Sinibaldi

Morning of pleasure.

There's a
pertinent race
where a young
bird, sometimes,
appears near a
shadow to recall
your intention...

Francesco Sinibaldi

L'herbe verte de la sagesse.

Le calme du
matin apparaît
dans la douceur
de la nouvelle
sagesse, avec
un poème qui
revient avec toi
où le son

Francesco Sinibaldi
Thursday, October 13, 2016 / 09:19:02
El fervor de la memoria.
( third version )

Siento un susurro
dónde el miedo
pasajero se
transforma en
el pasado, veo
una luz en el viñedo
cuando el sueño
reaparece como
el canto del diamante
en el limpido
destino: muere
la poesía, revive
la tristeza en la dulce
cantinela de una
cándida mujer...

Francesco Sinibaldi
Thursday, December 8, 2016 / 08:25:38
Un sueño atestado.

Una mirada
amiga es como
la noche que
canta infinita
cuando un
sueño amaranto
describe un

Francesco Sinibaldi

With a martin...

A reddish
melody is the
first romance
that appears
on your eyes,
and there, in
the sunshine,
a delicate candle
revives on
a rose.

Francesco Sinibaldi

Le sourire et le conte du cœur.

le murmure de
la soirée m'invite
à traduire le
chant de la mort,
et alors le sourire
devient le manteau
et un son délicat.

Francesco Sinibaldi
Thursday, February 2, 2017 / 08:37:22
Dulzura de pasión.

como el sol
que regresa
en un campo
como el llanto
de la noche
en el ave

Francesco Sinibaldi


There, in
the glimmer,
while a
thought tells
me the story
of a novel

Francesco Sinibaldi


Dans la
légèreté d'une
chanson la
route silencieuse
devient la
lumière qui
chante le

Francesco Sinibaldi
Saturday, April 1, 2017 / 05:26:26
Momento de poesía.

En la juventud
de una rosa
silente veo
la tristeza que
llama el eterno
y una dulce

Francesco Sinibaldi

Simply that dream.

In a charming
walk the
sound of a
soft wind
returns on my
cheek to describe
an illusion...

Francesco Sinibaldi

Quand le son disparaît...

C'est très
difficile décrire
la lumière qui
couvre le
soupir de la
neige qui

Francesco Sinibaldi
Tuesday, May 30, 2017 / 08:40:28
La fiesta de las sonrisas.

En el perpetuo
canto de la
noche el ave
gorjea con
un triste sonido
que recuerda
el amor.

Francesco Sinibaldi

In the purity of a dream.

Modest and
sparkling virtue,
I can hear an
attraction where
a delicate
candle discovers
a fate.

Francesco Sinibaldi

La douceur d'une pensée.

Une belle
image dépeint
le portrait
qui chante
le matin et
alors, dans
l'aube d'une
pensée, j'attends
le sourire.

Francesco Sinibaldi

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