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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Duotrope's Digest, a database of over 1200 current markets for short fiction and poetry gathers statistics on who’s who in the publishing world – and the soothsayers are saying we’re somebody!

Out of the 918 markets for short fiction, GUD is ranked #5, and out of 718 poetry markets GUD is ranked #6 – and climbing.

While GUD doesn’t blush, we are humbled - and we’re thankful for everyone’s support in driving us up the rankings.

Learn more on Duotrope:

edit: 2006/07/31 1:27pm duotrope is up to 919 markets for short fiction, and 719 markets for poetry, and GUD is currently ranked THIRD in SHORT FICTION and SECOND in POETRY!

edit: 2006/08/02 11:35am duotrope took us out of their rankings by marking us a "fledgling market".  Our rapid rise to fame will have to cool down a little, but just wait until you see Issue 0 in print!

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