Issue 6 cover

How to Recover From a Hundred-Year Sleep

by Sue Williams

Issue 6 :: Summer 2010 (stories)

First, open your eyes. You're stiff, of course. Your feet ache when you flex them; the joints click-clack. It's nighttime, and the moon shines through the boughs that block your window. Brush the leaves from your belly. Pinch yourself, to check. Sit up, slowly. Get dizzy. Be afraid.

As you cross the room, remember your dreams: wolf eyes in a forest; a cold, dead hart; a crow trapped in a belfry; a burning wheel. Whisper, "I am here," and feel it in on your tongue. Be wary of the shadows on the door.


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"How to Recover From a Hundred-Year Sleep" is roughly 502 words.

Sue Williams is a British writer who lives in the USA. Her fiction has appeared in Narrative, Night Train, Salamander, Redivider, Dream Catcher, and numerous other books and magazines. Sue works as an Assistant Editor at Narrative Magazine and teaches writing seminars at Grub Street, Boston. She is working on the final draft of a novel, along with a story collection entitled, Touch Me, I'm a Monster. You can find her online at: