Issue 2 reviewed by Small Press Review

*GUD, *#2,
Edited by Kaolin Fire
Spring, 2008;2/yr;190pp;
PO Box 1537, Laconia, NH
03247, $18/yr,$10/copy.
$3.50/PDF electronic copy.

     /GUD /(which stands for “greatest uncommon denominator”) is at the 
same time an exotic,new wave mag, /and/ a fiction- find that reaches 
back and stylistically touches the classics in world fiction. Like John 
Walters’ short story“The Disappearance of Juliana” : “In Rome, something’s the people that you study most carefully. No matter who 
they are, they have their secret sorrow, and they seem to wander around 
searching for they know not what.” (p.52) He really takes you on board 
the good-ship What’s Next?, doesn’t he?!? Walters is an American writer 
living in Greece with his Greek wife and five sons, teaching English as 
a second language.And he’s typical of the exoticism of all the writers 
here. Take British writer Vanessa Gebbie: “Jamie Hawkins, only child of 
an old mother, had a hump on his back and one leg three inches shorter 
than the other, so that he walked like a crab.” (“Jamie Hawkins’Muse,” 
p.113) Among the other writers are Austrailian Cameron Gray, New 
Zealander Paul Haines, lots of top-talent Americans, all turning  /GUD 
/into a major newcomer of a  magazine that should be in the collections 
of all serious university,public /and/ private libraries.

[review by Hugh Fox for SMALL PRESS REVIEW]