Issue 7 cover

Coconut Pie

by Joshua Ben-Noah Carlson

Issue 7 :: Spring 2016 (stories)

James always says a war cry shouldn't be pretty. And he has that; his makes you think of a pig when you hear it. But not a little pink one, a big brown pig that's rearing up to charge the fence. He does it in the movie during the big last battle. There's about a million bad guys there and James just pops on screen for a second and makes his noise and then he's gone and they all get killed. He says it's what got him into the movie, that he could make that noise. A lot of the other bad guys were big-deal martial artists and whatnot. James could make a noise like a pig.

I used to love it. The first time I saw him, in a park, he ran and then yelled while he jumped off a picnic table into a tree. Or when we moved into our house and he sat on the porch for the first time to drink a Guinness in our house, and I walked back to the kitchen to pour my hard cider and I heard it, loud like in the park, but now he was doing it because we had our house and were living here together.

The last time I made shepherd's pie he did his war cry twice.


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"Coconut Pie" is roughly 5314 words.

Joshua Ben-Noah Carlson was born in Duluth, MN. He lives in Minneapolis, plays piano, builds boats, does yoga, and reads and writes.