Issue 7 cover

:le streghe (witches' dance):::::::::::::::::::::::::

by Joseph A. W. Quintela

Issue 7 :: Spring 2016 (poetry)

:there are four strings:
:E:ven tremulously voiced:she billows:spindled bones:
:A:nd atrophied lungs:pierced by the whirling skeins:


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":le streghe (witches' dance):::::::::::::::::::::::::" is roughly 92 words.

Joseph A. W. Quintela marshals words unto the battlefield with little regard for their souls. That is a lie. In fact, he cries each time a word is felled. In solitude. Where the tears cannot be mistaken for a waterfall. Beautiful. Innocent. He raises letters and tells them that a story is a lie that is necessary for their existence. He raises punctuation marks and tells them they are letters. When they all grow up to be morticians and serial killers, he feigns surprise, draws a knife across his supper, and says, "Nothing can be told without death." (