Issue 4 cover

Unlike Red Tape, the Yellow

by Lida Broadhurst

Issue 4 :: Spring 2009 (poetry)

So accustomed we have grown to tape being red, yet invisible,
as we can hardly see it unrolling, sticking our lives together like
carelessly-cooked spaghetti.

But its cousin, the yellow stuff....


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"Unlike Red Tape, the Yellow" is roughly 136 words.

From the visions of cats, vampires, insane trees, and family antics jumbled in her head, Lida Broadhurst shapes her prose and poetry. When it is too hot, too cold, or too rainy in Oakland, CA, the visions are weirder than usual. Her work has appeared in Mythic Delirium, Nemonymous #1, GUD, and many other publications. One of her poems was nominated for the Pushcart Prize and the Rhysling Award.