Issue 4 cover

How's Your Sister?

by Anne Goodwin

Issue 4 :: Spring 2009 (stories)

Whenever I’m catching up with friends, we always end up chewing over the same old topics: how our dream jobs have given way to marking time till retirement; how those gorgeous hunks we lost our hearts to have matured into middle-aged bores; how our angelic children have transmogrified into grunting adolescents. Once we’ve dealt with those old chestnuts we’ll move on to analysing, depending on the season, Desperate Housewives or Celebrity Big Brother. And then they might ask about my sister.

- - -

So how’s she doing these days?
- She’s doing fine.
Hell of a thing to come to terms with.
- She’s happy enough.
What was it again?
- Cancer.
What she must have gone through. Puts all our grumbles in perspective.
- You could say that.
Well, pass on my regards when you see her next.
- Sure.

- - -

So how’s she doing these days?
“Why don’t you go round?” says my mother. “You could see for yourself.”


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"How's Your Sister?" is roughly 1655 words.

Anne Goodwin's short stories have been placed in competitions and published online and in print in Britain, Europe, and the USA. Her short story "Kinky Norm" was nominated for the Pushcart Prize. Her novel in progress has the working title Sugar and Snails. Further details on her writing can be found at">