Issue 3 cover

a father a son a disaffection

by S A Tranter

Issue 3 :: Autumn 2008 (stories)

I mind one time, maybe 1981? Well, it was a Sunday. And it was very cold and it was wintertime and very early—five a.m.?
My father had a subcontract job at some extension for a hospital. Plastering the walls of the empty shell of the building.
He’d asked me a few days earlier if I wanted to help him. He said he’d pay me. So aye, you know; too right I would.


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"a father a son a disaffection" is roughly 570 words.

SA Tranter is thirty-seven years old. Scottish male. Some stories published. UK small presses. Cadenza, Staple, Midnight Street, some others. He is currently working on a Novel. Email address: That's it, that's all; end Copy.