Issue 3 cover

When All Is Forgiven

by Kelley A Swan

Issue 3 :: Autumn 2008 (stories)

Her first childhood memory is of her father sliding out of bed, naked. She remembers little else except she knows she’s scared of him, of the way he’s angry and sad all at once, all the time. She knows she freezes, caught peeking into their bedroom, and stammers that she will clean her room. That she’ll be a good little girl. She can taste her heart in her throat as she stands there.


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"When All Is Forgiven" is roughly 690 words.

Kelley A. Swan lives with her family in New Hampshire, because, frankly, if it's good enough for Donald Hall, then it's good enough for her. As a writer, she's obsessed with the slipperiness that's flash fiction. To her, there is simply nothing more beautiful than brevity, especially in fiction. Read more of her and her writing at">