Issue 3 cover

Think Fast

by Michael Greenhut

Issue 3 :: Autumn 2008 (stories)

(Recipient of an Honorable Mention in Best Horror Of The Year Volume One, edited by Ellen Datlow)

Pick an alternate timeline and you’ll find my corpse. October 2, 2004: I came home from work and interrupted a burglar rummaging through my kitchen drawers; he shot me six times in the stomach. June 15, 2005: a rapist’s buddy stabbed me in that alley between the fish market and the Chinese restaurant; I’d run after the rapist as he dragged off some poor college girl, but I hadn’t seen the buddy in time. November 8, 2006: gunned down in three possible realities during a botched bank robbery, along with nineteen other customers.


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"Think Fast" is roughly 2400 words.

Michael Greenhut was born on July 7, 1978. He currently resides in Westchester County, NY and daylights as a game developer in Stamford. He attended Clarion South in 2007, where he wrote the first draft of "Think Fast," and his skill at the Mafia game earned him the nickname "The Patternless Man" among his fellow Clarionites. He also has fiction coming out in Fantasy Magazine in the summer of 2008. He can be reached at