Issue 3 cover

The Great Big Nothing

by Frank Haberle

Issue 3 :: Autumn 2008 (stories)

The taxi driver lights a new Pall Mall from the butt end of the old one. Sometimes you enjoy a good second-hand smoke. But not this morning.
You roll down the window, put your head against the glass. That feels pretty good. The smoke twists away. The fresh air streams right into your lungs. The wind cuts nice little cracks into your parched lips. You almost doze. ‘That’s it,’ you think. ‘That’s nice. I can sleep this one off.’


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"The Great Big Nothing" is roughly 3635 words.

Frank Haberle ('s stories have appeared in the Adirondack Review, Cantaraville, 34th Parallel, Birmingham Arts Journal, Taj Mahal Review, Broken Bridge Review,, The Melic Review, Johnny America, The East Hampton Star, Smokelong Quarterly, and 21 Stars Review. Frank is on the Board of Directors of the NY Writers Coalition, a community writing program for disenfranchised New Yorkers.