Issue 3 cover

The Dragon's Thorn, Sword of Kings (& Fred)

by Idan Cohen

Issue 3 :: Autumn 2008 (stories)

The Dragon’s Thorn, sword of kings, slayer of evils abundant, forged a dozen centuries ago in the deepest caves of Angurbandur, enchanted in the finest halls of the Seven Hidden Kingdoms, both aesthetically and practically a fine figure of a sword, found its way to Fred by a complete accident that neither would deign to talk about. Nonetheless, it was a fact: the Dragon’s Thorn, sword of kings, wielded by the hands of Jirard the Blue himself, which had hewn the breast of Bloody Tinarisiar and ended the Fifth Great War, and which could not, in fact, talk, due to a small confusion in the contract presented to the Angurbandurian blacksmiths and the enchanters of the Seven Hidden Kingdoms, was stuck.
With Fred.


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"The Dragon's Thorn, Sword of Kings (& Fred)" is roughly 1000 words.

Idan Cohen: Born 1986, quiet hospital, Jerusalem, after labor induced by rose garden. Became handsomest boy alive, according to sources (mother), has since been soldier, sous chef, journalist, drunk. Main internet presence is a">livejournal, of all things. Promises to love you in a very specific and meaningful way, if you'd like him to.