Issue 3 cover


by Chad Brian Henry

Issue 3 :: Autumn 2008 (stories)

Alan takes the tape measure out and Vera lifts her arms as he wraps it around her waist. He writes the number in his notebook and, after a thoughtful pause, measures her height.
“Okay, good measurements,” he says, not looking up from the paper. “This will work fine.”
He flips back a few pages, erases something, and replaces it with something new. His face is normally wide and oddly flat, but, as he scratches the lead against the paper, the lines in his forehead deepen and his face narrows like a canyon. “This will work fine,” he repeats to himself.


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"Measurements" is roughly 1950 words.

Chad Brian Henry lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. His work can be found in Shimmer and Outercast.