Issue 3 cover

American History

by Jeanpaul Ferro

Issue 3 :: Autumn 2008 (poetry)

You and I—we were made of glass,
the Indian Ocean below us, ghost sky up above,
when God went running like light through our veins,
in a quiet night in Africa when there was no other war.


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"American History" is roughly 200 words.

Jéanpaul Ferro is a poet, short-fiction author, and novelist from Providence, Rhode Island. A four-time Pushcart Prize nominee, his work has been featured in The Columbia Review, Connecticut Review, The Providence Journal, Hawai'i Review, Review Americana, Identity Theory, Birmingham Arts Journal, Barrelhouse, and others. His work has been featured on WBAR radio in NYC and on NPR's This I Believe series. He will also be the featured author in the August 2008 issue of Contemporary American Voices.