Issue 3 cover

A Song, a Prayer, an Empty Space

by Darja Malcolm-Clarke

Issue 3 :: Autumn 2008 (stories)

The Isiola monastery has sunk into the sea.
That’s what Bishop Dakar’s letter said, but I didn’t believe it—and not just because I’d have to blame myself if it were true.
Yet seafoam gathers where tide-powered turbines once crouched, raising and lowering the monastery for a hundred years. Here, beyond the edge of Fachi, on the Algerian shore, sand whisks over my feet and waves crash on rocks in the empty bay.


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"A Song, a Prayer, an Empty Space" is roughly 8000 words.

Darja Malcolm-Clarke holds master's degrees in Folklore and in English and is a PhD candidate in the latter at Indiana University. A graduate of Clarion West, her fiction appears in Clarkesworld, Fantasy Magazine, Ideomancer, and elsewhere. Her short story "The Beacon" (Clarkesworld Issue 11) was nominated for the 2007 British Science Fiction Association award for short fiction. Her nonfiction article "Tracking Phantoms" appears in the VanderMeers' anthology The New Weird. Academically, she studies monstrosity in relation to gender in post-World-War-II speculative literature. She lives in numinous southern Indiana, where there are many thunderstorms, which suits her just fine.