Issue 2 cover

Watching the playoffs

by Jim Kacian

Issue 2 :: Spring 2008 (poetry)

through a fog of flu. The Falcons are marvelously organized, and as one they march repeatedly across the field, in huge bites. In my mild miasma, their precision—the way they explode as a unit, unfolding beautiful, irresistible patterns—seems the endeavor of some lower species, bent on community survival with no quarter given.


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"Watching the playoffs" is roughly 300 words.

Jim Kacian is an internationally-acclaimed poet, theorist, motivator, editor, and publisher. He has published seven books, which have won major awards; authored How to Haiku as well as numerous articles on haiku form and praxis; co-founded the World Haiku Association, which encourages poets from around the world to share haiku and theory, as well as being a long-time board member of the Haiku Society of America; edits South by Southeast and Frogpond (the international membership journal of the Haiku Society of America); and owns and operates Red Moon Press, the most prestigious publishing house dedicated to haiku in the world.