Issue 2 cover


by Kristine Ong Muslim

Issue 2 :: Spring 2008 (poetry)

(Recipient of an Honorable Mention in Best Horror Of The Year Volume One, edited by Ellen Datlow)

These brides reek of blood;
their froth of white makes
their wounds disappear.
I have found their bodies
inside the boxes stashed,
unopened, for twelve years
under the stairs. Finding them
is like unpeeling prisms to expose
the darkness inside, to scoop
a handful of dank caves, a row
of basins that remain hollow.


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"Dolls" is roughly 150 words.

Kristine Ong Muslim's poems have appeared or are forthcoming in Adbusters, Down in the Cellar, Jupiter, The Pedestal Magazine, Spinning Whorl, Sybil's Garage, Tales of the Talisman, turnrow, and GUD. Her publication history is at…/.