Issue 1 cover

The Prophet -- eyes detail

by Ilona Taube

Issue 1 :: Autumn 2007 (art)

Ilona Taube was born in Moscow in 1983. She finished eleven years of art school in 2000. After that, she entered the Graphic Arts Department of The Moscow State University of Printing and graduated in 2005, as a "graphic artist" (BA). Now, Ilona works as an illustrator for several publishing houses in Moscow, Russia, which publish books of different genres and styles: "Ventana Graf", "Titul", "Prosveshcheniye", "Roman-gazeta", "Avanta+", "AST", "Rosman" and "Terra". Quite regularly she takes part in art exhibitions. Beside illustrations she also likes to create paintings. Her paintings are a mix of reality and fantasy where new characters are brought to life from the artist’s mind. Her favorite styles are realism, modern art, surrealism and fantasy.
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