Review: Bill Benway's Sex, Guns, And Motorcycles (dot com)

Monday, May 14, 2007

Bill Benway's is a base, sexist stream-of-consciousness utopia.  Articles appear on an "as they come in" basis, and you're warned that content _may_ be edited.  Both fiction and reports are "in the moment", and they're largely focused around sex, guns, and motorcycles, with the odd quiz, travel guide, or movie review.  Contributors have embedded themselves in strip clubs, relationships, and worse, in order to rant to you about it.

Once you get past the "must be over 18" warning, the site is laid open as bare as the motorcycles and guns—the women wear a bit more clothing, though not more than a bikini or a wrap, generally.  The plainness of the layout has its attractions: the text is large and well-contrasted, and the only images (besides the odd banner, at the bottom of a page) are the "sex".  There's no abuse of animated gifs, blink tags, flash, or music.  

At the top level, there's a menu of the current writings and, as of this review, a woman with guns and a motorcycle.  Each piece of writing has its own woman, or women, in various states of undress—often contrasted with vivid colors, sometimes artistically composed.  Vladamir Perlovich and Dusty Austin are the primary photo contributors, with Nick Olds, Rob Azevedo, and Spyder Darling among the staple writers.

There are a number of regular features, including "Dear Carnal Consigliere" and "Chica De Week".  "Dear Carnal Consigliere" is a quick and dirty question and answer series, where Nick Olds dishes out quicker and dirtier oddball answers.  He doesn't hesitate to take a cheap shot, and often that's all he bothers with, but there are germs of truth and humor.  "Chica De Week" is about what you'd expect—an interview and pictures.  Fiction is short and swift, if generally a bumpy ride, following the same themes. bills itself as "Gonzo Journalism, Bitchin' Fiction & Trigger Happy Chicks", and it delivers that honestly.  If you want to warp your brain with some seriously abused english for a few hours, there's a good chance you'll enjoy yourself there.  And if you're interested in writing for them, they're a for-the-lust market, though an air-miles-per-word program with an undisclosed Panamanian cargo airline is in the works.  You didn't hear that last bit from me. ;)
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