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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

What If? creativity

We've got a "Test Your Creativity" quiz, thanks to Steph Kraner (questions + art).  Are you a stick-in-the-mud or a pie-in-the-sky?  Find out and spread your individuality. ;) :)

"What if?" creativity: You're creative, but not weird or creepy. Well, at least not usually. Odds are you have your moments of both, but on the whole you live a pretty normal life and see your forays into your imagination as either a hobby or a profession, but not a way of living.

What's your creativity?

Meanwhile... Issue 3 The (self-referential) Pre-launch Buzz Contest is over: BUT the love is still spreading, so we're extending it with a few more prizes.  The last _5_ entries at the time we go to print, as per the rules in the (self-referential) Pre-launch Buzz Contest (entries will only be accepted on _that_ post) will then be declared the second round of winners--the last entry will receive a print copy of issue 3 and the other four will receive PDFs. 


Thank you all for your entries and your help with spreading the GUD love =)

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