News: Issue Three Update

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Issue 3 cover teaser

So...what's going on with the flying machines?

All the final choices for Issue Three have been made.  We've got no fewer than forty-two individual items for you in this issue--including art, stories, poems and a new report by "Mad Dogs" author Christian Dumais.  We're going to be offering our readers 200-plus pages of content this time around.

Artist Zak Jarvis is working on giving the cover a steampunk feel.  Wait till you see it--it's a knockout!  We won't be keeping it under wraps much longer.  Promise :).

We should be sending out contracts soon--just a few final tweaks to be made, and contributors to prod into action.  The first round of copyediting is complete, and the indefatigable Julia Bernd is bringing her sharp eye and linguistic experience to bear on the second round.

Meanwhile, we're still considering slush for Issue Four, and ownership of Issue Five is now in contention.  It's all GUD!

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