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Sunday, February 17, 2008

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Rosanne Rabinowitz of The Fix reviewed GUD Issue 2 (Spring 2008):

GUD is an impressive magazine that offers around 200 pages of literary and genre fiction, poetry, and artwork. It is available in print, pdf, and e-book formats.

The stories in issue #2 tended to be rich with imagery and atmosphere. Perhaps they cluster around the literary or magical realist end of the fantastic spectrum. Some could definitely be horror (“By Zombies; Eaten”) or SF (“The Salivary Reflex”) yet have the texture often associated with literary fiction. But GUD comes from a tradition that strives to break down such boundaries.

While not every piece resonated with her (or resonated in the way both parties would have preferred), she capped the lengthy piece-by-piece review (fiction only, alas) by saying she looks forward to the next issue.

With fifteen stories, this magazine is the size of a full anthology. Its scope is wide enough to please many tastes, as well as convince readers to immerse themselves in stories normally not to their tastes! And there is also a good helping of poetry that is diverse, yet shows a common creativity and fascination with language.

Convincing readers to immerse themselves in stories normally not to their tastes (and to find, indeed, that their tastes might be more expansive than they'd previously thought) is one of GUD's founding goals.  We're proud to serve up a diverse cuisine, where the unifying factor is the freshness of the ingredients and the care, skill, and artistry put into each meal.  If you haven't, yet, we hope you'll give GUD a try (and don't forget there's a freebie from Issue 2 in every account!)

We'd love to hear what you thought--in their forums or in the comments below!

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