News: Issue 2 has left the building!

Monday, February 11, 2008


Issue 2 in stock! (thumb)

Here you can see just a handful of Issue 2 piled high, with their neighbors, Issues 0 and 1.  And we've nearly gone through all we printed before even managing to catch our breath to say they've arrived! 

Admittedly, It was a short run because I hadn't quite done enough promotion and subscription follow-ups by the time they were going to print--but we'll be doing another print run very shortly to make sure there isn't another moment of slack!

Our fulfillment center (Sue Miller) was sick for three+ weeks, and we apologize profusely for the delay in shipping.  Domestic orders/contributor copies went out last Tuesday (and word is they've started arriving).  International orders and other bulk shipments went out Saturday, and I for one am dying to get my hands on them (to quote a contributor--"they're really just impressive to hold, even").  Thank you so much for your patience if you'd ordered in the last month or so.


The arrival of Issue 2 (thumb)

We'll be selecting our "Issue 2 subscription drive" winner shortly (say, tomorrow, to see if this can't push a couple more entries). :)  And we've got a handful of reviewed books up for raffle, so be sure to check those out: Cooking Your Way to Romance, Ten Plagues, and Shutterbug.

And I'm proud to say that our "Talk about Issue 2 - freebie + contest!" winner, danielausema, selected the GUD package of Issues 0-2 over the $20 Amazon Gift Certificate.

Meanwhile, I've been trying to line up a few more shops on consignment and also getting us onto more e-shops (Horror Mall, Reader's Eden--nearly there).  I found them via the Preditors & Editors(TM) Readers poll, which I'll be making another post about shortly (GUD nabbed a number of "top ten" places).

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