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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Covering Issue 3We've got some great internal art for Issue 3--although I'm looking for more--but now the issue needs a cover.

Ever since I had the idea of a Mechanical-Flight-themed issue, I've had this image in my mind of the ideal cover. The one I'd really like. Any artists out there want to realise that image?

It's this:

A cut-out model of some kind of aircraft. Plane, airship, gyrocopter, even a Fantasy craft. A model that could actually be made by anyone prepared to mutilate their copy of Issue 3. With tabs, and brief instructions.

Our standard cover is 5" by 8" (approx 127mm by 203mm), and you can use both front and back. You can't use the spine, however--for obvious reasons!--nor should the design require the modelmaker to cut too close to it. The design should still work as an attractive cover, and the finished aircraft should display GUD's name in at least one place.

Sound like a challenge? Think you're up to taking it on?

Then submit your design to GUD!

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