News: Issue 7 Is Out in PDF at Last!!!

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Never mind the whys and hows... After seven years, we're finally getting this beautiful collection of writing and art out there on paper! (Well, on screens, anyway. Paper will be coming soon!)
For all this time, I've had the characters and ideas and subtle lines of the pieces in GUD 7 at the back of my head, altering my perspective, adding to what I imagine people/the world/reality can be...and I am so glad to be able to share all that richness at last!
Along the way, we lost a couple of pieces whose authors (understandably) wanted them to be out there sooner; I'm sad that we can't share those as well. But we are immensely grateful to the authors and artists who (beyond all reason) stuck it out and continued encouraging us as we struggled to make Issue 7 happen.
And now, GUD readers, we invite you to join us in this dance through the past, the future, and the who-knows-when........

P.S. To celebrate, we're doing GUD 7 in full color!

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