News: Spring 2014—we're committed!

Monday, September 29, 2014

So many false starts, technical and social debt piling up making each next start that much harder. We keep getting back up, swinging at where the windmills last were...falling when we meet only wind, and the bones of giants.

Spring 2014—we’re committed to the name, if the date has slipped once more out of our overexcited hands. Issue 7.

It shouldn’t be hard to send out 31 emails—one of the simple "next steps" in this process. We had a color-coded spreadsheet and a handful of email templates. And then it wasn’t February anymore, it was September. Hadn’t it just been September?

A moment’s strength allowed one more scaling of the wall: what did these things mean? Were the templates still valid? Where did the files go—and how did these tools work, again? Do they even work? The server’s changed three more times since then.... Nope, they don’t work anymore. But we found the files! And a few hours later, stuff is still broken. But less of it is broken. But I rarely get a half-hour to apply myself to these problems.... (oh, wow! and I was depending on...oh, my, the bit-rot rabbit hole is deep! and the character encoding of the database changed?!)

I have a new baby (new!? he's a year and a half already!) and a new house (that's been a labor of labor) and (unplanned) job change[s]...I have no excuses to give anyone, but I hate just saying "Hi! I'm here!" and nothing else.

Here's what we need to do, so it's out there in the world in writing:

  • we need to interact with a few contributors re: changes they requested
  • we need to try again at contacting the many contributors who haven't replied to us about final versions of their pieces (though everyone's been paid, so there's that at least—excepting the folks who we couldn't paypal and are in countries where it makes much more sense to send check/cash with their gratis issue)
  • we need to order postcards (I'm having a really hard time with this for some reason) for the kickstarter rewards (we've at least got all the poems done, more than a year ago)
  • we need to do videos for some of the kickstarter rewards

We don't have to do things in that order, but that's where we are. Next, we do what we do next!

A “lesser” vogon poem for you all:

Blart blargh snort kerfluffle
My kitten likes to chase its tail
The tail’s old and has fallen off
Then rises again like morning dew.

Propellers spin anew, anew, they
face the wind and kerfluffle CHEW
To see the day anon that rises sure
ly, rises—to troubles, we say
mea culpa, PEW PEW PEW!

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Wednesday, October 15, 2014 / 08:37:51
Dulce recuerdo.

En el candor
de la noche la
mirada encantada
de la nueva
estación, el sabor
del recuerdo y
la rima ligera
que describe
un milagro.

Francesco Sinibaldi

A land of dreams.

There's a magical
land where a
whisper of life
becomes the
beginning to
discover the light
that appears in
the youth.

Francesco Sinibaldi

Dans la lumière légère...

Une sensation
douce et pleine
de poésie retourne
dans le coeur
et dans l'aube
d'un sentier:
c'est le chant
des étoiles,
le souffle des
mémoires qui
rappelle la

Francesco Sinibaldi

Monday, December 1, 2014 / 08:53:57
Como el candor.

En la pradera
un ligero soplo
de viento recuerda
el pasar de un
instante de vida,
el canto del sol
y la dulce palabra
de una tierna

Francesco Sinibaldi

Like a path in the pinewood.

In the light
of a beautiful
morning the
song of a fine
bird remembers
the youth and
the smile of
a feeling.

Francesco Sinibaldi

Atmosphère de poésie.

Dans la
d'un rêve
matinal, dans
le souffle de
la mer qui
chante le sourire
et la voix des

Francesco Sinibaldi

Thursday, January 29, 2015 / 09:07:53
El canto de la noche.

Perpetuo y
viviente regresa
el dulzor de la
noche encantada
que vive en el
llanto de un suspiro
infinito: siento
la vida pasar
suavemente cuando
viene la briza
en la hoja mojada.

Francesco Sinibaldi

In the sound of a stream.

The whisper
of a fugitive bird
covers the sadness
placed near an
hedge while the
delicate singing
describes an
attraction full of
happiness: and
there, near the
sound of a stream,
a white dream

Francesco Sinibaldi

Une chanson pleine d'espoir.

La naturalité
des émotions
est comme une
lumière qui
remplit le matin
quand l'aube
de l'espoir
revient dans
le coeur.

Francesco Sinibaldi

Wednesday, March 25, 2015 / 09:52:11
Eternal light.

In the deepest
darkness a
voice describes
in a moment
the eternal recall
of a sensible

Francesco Sinibaldi


El gorrión
suavemente canta
donando un
suspiro y un
ligero candor:
veo la tristeza
en el prado
mojado y en
el llanto del

Francesco Sinibaldi

Un souffle vivant.

Dans la solennité
d'une pensée
fugitive la fête
du soleil retrouve
la jeunesse et
le chant d'un
oiseau qui cherche

Francesco Sinibaldi

Saturday, May 23, 2015 / 05:33:36
Una eterna sonrisa.

En la cabaña
vive triste la
armonía y la
dulce sensación
que recuerda
el infinito, el sabor
de una sonrisa y
una rima desolada.

Francesco Sinibaldi

A branch and the immensity.

On the pathway
a dry leaf and
the scent of
a flower that
shines in the
morning to
discover your

Francesco Sinibaldi

Comme la douceur.

Dans un son
mystérieux je
sens le sourire
d'un matin
fugitif, le chant
du soleil et
la voix délicate
d'une feuille très

Francesco Sinibaldi

Tuesday, July 14, 2015 / 08:26:48
When the wind is blowing....

Sometimes my
fantasy appears
in the yellow
dream of a light
pearl and so,
while a noble
intention falls
upon my memory,
I see your desire
and the little

Francesco Sinibaldi
Tuesday, July 14, 2015 / 08:27:30
El sonido de una mágica voz.

Veo, en la
inmensidad de
un canto cristalino,
el sueño de una
niña templada
que mira el
pasado regalando
un suspiro.

Francesco Sinibaldi

Le fabuleux chemin du soleil.

Ici, dans le
souffle perpétuel
du nouveau
matin, il y
a le portrait du
courage qui
marche en silence
comme la pluie

Francesco Sinibaldi

Saturday, September 12, 2015 / 05:32:58
Las aguas del océano.

Como aguas
delicadas que
regresan tristemente
donde muere
la armonía
sueño un canto
y el sabor
de la poesía.

Francesco Sinibaldi

In the reason that care....

I try to
discover a
whole day and
so, when a
cloud disappears,
a secret returns
in my mind
recalling the
young soul and
the world of
your dreams...

Francesco Sinibaldi

Matinale timidité.

Comme l'accent
qui rime le calme
de l'éternité, et
quand le rêve
frémit pour
les délicates voix,
je réside silencieux
dans les tendres

Francesco Sinibaldi

Thursday, November 5, 2015 / 08:46:20
Like a melody.

Your delicate
sadness appears
like a melody,
your inner
desire returns
in the ground
with a gentle

Francesco Sinibaldi

En la luz cristalina.

la luz cubre
el suspiro
siento el ave
cantar la
melódica rima.

Francesco Sinibaldi

Un murmure de paix.

Dans la vigne
un regard
assoupi qui
chante le
matin et la
voix du soleil.

Francesco Sinibaldi

Wednesday, January 6, 2016 / 07:10:26
En el prado.

Una luz
penetrante mora
en el prado
con un soplo
de calma y una
rima inquieta
que recuerda el

Francesco Sinibaldi

A sky full of thoughts.

As a concept
in the sky
full of dreams,
as a beautiful
moment that
always appears
with the sound
of a fine bird....

Francesco Sinibaldi

Comme une mélodie dans l'air.

Dans la saison
de la nostalgie
un rayon épuisé
couvre le sommet
d'une ancienne
ferme et ainsi,
dans l'aube d'une
lumière, le chant
de la vie retourne
en silence.

Francesco Sinibaldi


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